Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All I ever wanted.........

Once upon a time in Korea when I was in High School I had the perfect wallet. My oldest brother bought it for me. I didn't know it at the time but it was a total splurge. We got it from Galleria Department Store in Apkujung Dong. Department stores in Korea are what they used to be here in the States. Only superior high class brands they basically are the equivalent of what the Original Marshall Fields or Bloomingdales. Anyways I digress, this wallet was perfect, slim dark turquoise leather with the Logo OZOC on a rectangular silver plaque only have an inch by half inch large placed off center to one side. It was a long style wallet but not accordion, it would open up all the way with a small accordion for cash, a zippered change pocket and slots of cards and ID on the opposing side. The best part was it zippered all the way around flawlessly. If you can't tell by now I loved that wallet, it was the one wallet that I think all wallets should aspire to be. I have been on the hunt for such a wallet every since it was stolen from me in the summer for '99 at night club in Myung Dong.

I thought my search was fruitless until I saw this wallet on Linea Pelle. It was by chance that I went to their site through an "Lucky Daily Break" where they were offering 50% of this wallet. I'm a sucker for sales so of course I clicked into. I was pleasantly surprised by this luscious looking leather wallet. Her name was Dylan and I knew I needed her.

About a week later she came. I was impressed with the clean packaging and the safety put into it. There was a small box much larger then the wallet filled with packing peanuts and wrapped in two layers of zebra tissue paper.

The pictures on the website did her no justice. Where I was wary in getting the green color because of what looked like white leather painted green I was happy to see that it was not the case. The leather was a fully dyed green so there were no awkward white edges around the seams. Buttery Soft with shiny gold hardware.

The inside was my identical to my precious lost OZOC wallet and best of all was the zipper all the way around!

I'm telling you guys even though I got this wallet at 50% off because of that deal, if I had seen this in person I would of dropped that money for full price. This is high quality leather, thick and buttery with the wonderful wrist strap so I can take it on the go as needed without toting my entire Purse (no really more like knitting bag) with me. I feel like I will never need to buy another wallet as long as I have her. My husband will be very happy to hear that.

Do you have any Holy Grails of accessories or clothing that you have accomplished in owning? or have anything you are still on the quest for?  I'd love to hear about it!

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