Monday, June 25, 2012

Focus on the Positive

I was helping a friend with some ideas for his sister's wedding and it made me remember something that I did for my wedding that was very helpful. I made a two lists, One was for the things I expressly did not want at my wedding and the other was for the things I wanted indefinitely. These lists weren't all material things, in fact I think the most important things on that list were actions that I wanted to happen or not happen such as making my dad do the father daughter dance with me.

Anyways remembering this I was able to reflect over the weekend a little about how I could apply the same lists to my life right now and refocus on things that I feel are either getting me down and falling through the cracks. For my two lists I am going to make it things I am thankful for or making me happy in life right now and things to improve in my life. I do not want to make a list of things I do not like or are negative because that will just lead to unnecessary bitterness. I've been dealing with a difficult client right now and they have been delinquent on their invoice. I've been angry all last week and this weekend I finally just said I had to let it go. It is currently out of my control without making things worse and getting legal. As soon as I get my payment I am just going to cut ties with them and let karma do it's thing. Getting hung up over the negative will only poison your own life and make more stress. This is why I refuse to make a negative list of things in my life.

Let's start with 5 things that are making me happy right now.
  1. My happy little family, which includes my Husband, 3 kitties and closest friends near and far.
  2. Having a home to call our own and having my freedom to express myself in it.
  3. New friends out of people I used to know when I was younger
  4. Teaching  my fashion classes
  5. Helping out with community festivals
And now the not so fun 5 Things I could improve in my life
  1. Being more organized in the house (I might still be living like a college dorm room with clothes all over the floor)
  2. Feeling more comfortable about making art in the presence of other people like at the coffee shop or when a friend comes over
  3. Accept that I can not make every student in my classes happy and not take their criticism personally
  4. Exercise more
  5. Making time to play video games to alleviate some of my stress
I think this is a good start. I also need to think more about how this blog of mine has progressed. I want to give it a face lift and take it a bit more seriously. Keep an eye out for some positive changes.

Do you have any life lists that you keep? What are some things making you happy right now?

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