Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Columbus Arts Festival

This big festival happens once a year but this is the firs time in a very long time that is has come back to it home on the river front. The hubby and I rode our bike's as it is a very well attended event and we didn't want to deal with the parking lots in the area. On the way there we spied some amazing temporary artwork pillared on the posts of bridge.

Laser cut plywood that reminded me of the grand Cathedrals that we saw while in our honeymoon in Europe.

As we rode our bikes up I could see all the vendors tents lining the bridges

It was a gorgeous day with some overcast and the people were out in full throng!

This was some local art I spied in the "BIG LOCAL TENT" that was set up with groups such as:
Mother Artists at Work
OAL- Ohio Art League
Columbus Crafty Cotillion
Cloud Haus
Cap City Creatives
Etsy Team Columbus
Idea Foundry
(I'm sorry if I missed anyone)

I'm really Interested in this women's artwork so I had to take some photos to remember it and remember to look her up when I have some more disposable funds. 

Of course there is the food, which I really hate to put on my blog but the little potatoes above were just too pretty in their colors to not get snapshot. The lobster roll below with it's green cucumbers and bright red lobster flesh complimented each other so well. Both of these were from one of my favorite dining restaurants in town Deep Wood.

No street fair is complete without a crazy musician and Cheese sticks.

I look forward to this summer's Comfest and the Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest!

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