Thursday, June 07, 2012

TiLT - More Random

 1. Succulents. These are my baby plants. I have been nurturing inside and now they had to come out into the elements for lack of a good place in the house with the kitchen upheaval. Succulents are some of my favorite plants because of their various shapes and their uncanny ability of regrowth.

2. Cat bed Roll. I saw this tutorial off of Pinterest which led me to the original link here. The kitties LOVE it. Also nice and convenient since it will pack away very easily when we have guests over. Since it is all fabric I can easily wash it by throwing it into the machine. This was one of the few sewing projects I felt I had to get done before the house was a wreck and I no longer had access to my studio.

3. Bribery from the Hubby. I love that my hubby knows me well enough to bribe me to do simple things such as walk through a street festival without getting distracted by jewelry vendors. He heads it all off by buying me pretties. Usually it's stuffed toys but I'm not going to complain at all. The  Artist is Ashka Dymel and her website is here.

 4. Lakehouse Weekends. With the start of summer also comes trips up to the Lakehouse. Relaxing weekends of just hanging out in a clean house with very little TV or internet. Just sweet nature and the local sights and attractions

5. Organic mass. Some new work I am doing that is yet again small scale and portable. Much like how I need my life to be right now in the chaos for lack of space and sanity. I plan to do a series of at least 5 in red and pink then we'll see where I take it from there.


  1. I love the plant on the right that looks like a string of green peas. :)

    1. In the Store it's called Angel's Tears =)