Thursday, June 14, 2012

TILT- Kriss Kross will make you wanna.....

Today's TiLT is just about one thing I loved that I did this year. It was going to SkyZone with a bunch of friends and playing like we were kids again but feeling like we were 80 years old by the time we were done.

I was essentially a nice warehouse with tons of trampolines in all different configuring for maximum fun. I took these pictures at the end and in between a private party so you can see the grand scale.
There was a Foam Pit with 3 trampolines that you jump on before diving face first into memory foam blocks.

I really don't want to dwell on the bacteria that could be floating around in there so let's pretend there isn't any. It felt like what you might imagine jumping into a cloud would be from your youth before you started taking practical science.

The main jumping area is here, where the walls are also trampolines. It was slightly embarrassing to be the oldest people there jumping. They put us in a corner just for the 5 of us and kept telling the kids to stay away as if we were some big hazard waiting to happen.

This was our corner of exile.  It was probably for the best since I kept trying to do flips only to faceplant repeatedly into the trampoline. I'm surprised I didn't break my neck or come out with another back injury. There was one more section that was 6 tramoplines facing each other with padding in the middle for a dodgeball court. We were all excited when they asked us if we wanted to do that because we thought we would be playing each other. No such luck, they were looking for a team to play against a bunch of High School kids both guys and girls. We felt a bit guilty trying to throw balls at these kids faces.

Over all I'd do it again. I mean I wouldn't of bothered blogging about it unless I thought it was amazing and made me happy right? And this Blog is about positive and happy things that I want to share with whomever reads my various fashion/nerd/adventure/event posts.

So go out there and BOUNCE!
As a side note they do have aerobic bounce classes and "rebounding" is starting to become a more popular form of exercise.

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