Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the Works

 Currently I am trying to add some new items to my etsy page that are jewelry. I always love to make jewelry but hardly sell it anywhere because I feel like it is a saturated market. Right now there isn't much I can do with the upheaval on the kitchen renovations encroaching on my studio so I am focusing on what small things I can create, naturally jewelry is one of those. I think that my jewelry can stand out on it's own. It still has my aesthetic in combining textures and fiber elements.

This Saturday I am super excited to be taking this crewel work class at Wholly Craft (I know it seems like I am there every week but it is a really awesome store!). From everything I have read the only big difference between this and embroidery is the materials. Instead of floss you use wool thread and instead of cotton you stitch on linen. I think the wool will add a new element in texture that I haven't had a chance to explore yet so this will give me a kick in the pants. I mean how many times are you going to hear me say,"I think this wool will really do something for my Scabs". Anyways more about the class. All materials are provided (linen, wool, embroidery hoop, needle, book) and it will be taught by the Author, Katherine Shaughnessy. How amazing is that? It might be one of the more pricey classes but I think you will get more then your money's worth with all the materials being included. If you'd like to sign up and take the class with me Register here!

Lastly I am obsessed the the above instagram that I think it was taken by @ericazurmehly of one of the juices she was downing for a cleansing diet. It just looks so rich in the red color and a bit medical because of he starkness of everything else. I'm thinking of something I can do to recreate the feeling I get when I look at this. Something dark? Something Medical? Something dastardly bloody? Or just some fruit? The possibilities are many.

Is there something on Instagram that caught your eye that you can't stop thinking about or taking a second gander at?

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