Friday, August 07, 2009

In the works....

I have postponed my main launch for my project to be next week. This week has been a mess. Teaching, trying to arrange and photo shoot in Cincinnati and sewing under wear mostly non-stop. Below is an outfit that I wore to work this week. All Alice Inspired.

My Curiouser and Curiouser necklace from Untamed Menagerie on Etsy

A Large Silver Rose Ring from Comfest bought at one of the vendor Kiosk's

My new Earrings that I got for $15 from express

The Full outfit, White rabbit low V-neck from Urban Outfitters, Long pink gypsy skirt from TJ Maxx several years ago for $15,00

Lastly My Jelly gladiotor sandal from BCBG outlet for only $9.00

In other news I got a whole new stash of fun fabrics that I've already decided what they will be made into. I've started some cute new shorts from this awesome 70's sweatsuit material. I am also still waiting to hear about Craftin' Outlaws to see if I got in. I am also applying for this contest from Substance. Finally I am working on a Piece for the OAL's 100 exhibit. I am doing a knit wear piece that is going to be more Avant Garde.

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