Saturday, August 08, 2009

Getting Comfortable

CIMG4211, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This was my last daily photo at CCAD for the summer.
I was wearing.....
Free People Creme shirt
Distress Express Jeans shortened about 6" by me
New Coach wooden platforms in Bronze with lacing hole through the platform heel. On sale at DSW $60

It's so strange and refreshing to have nothing to do again. Now that classes have ended I have time to actually hang out with people and make plans. Unfortunately my August has already been totally booked with events, going away parties, travel and meetings.

My trunk show date seems to be changing once again. It's a bit unnerving seeing as I have scheduled my entire sewing around it. If it is later then that's good but if it is sooner then I am screwed. This weekend is nothing but Sewing Bralettes or at least tonight is.

I am finding it much easier to blog everyday when I have a stock of things to do it on. I just take my pictures everyday and then slowly I can think and work on these posts. I would of liked to make it a real daily thing where I actually post what I wore on that day but for a bit at least this is what I must do. Whenever the tides turn for me and I can get my SLR camera I hope it will change. I did get as a little unknown present from my Uncle that recently moved back to Korea a new Epson All in One printer that I also needed.

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