Monday, August 31, 2009

Outside the Castle

CIMG4512, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

With the passing events of this weekend I feel the need to change up my blog a bit. This will no longer be strictly a dedication to fashion.

It is moving forward a full focus on my Aesthetic as torn angel as my persona not just clothing and art and feel good things.

Torn Angel is a bit tormented actually by everything going on around her and thinking perhaps too deeply about life.

The photo above is from a Chicago exhibit at the Science and Industry Museum. It is the outside gate of the Fairytale castle by Coleen Moore. I felt it appropriate in several tones. First it was from my weekend in Chicago. Second i enjoyed this gorgeous gem by myself. Thirdly as beautiful as it was it was completely empty of life.

Even though I was at the museum with several people the time I enjoyed the most was by myself. Being alone to witness extraordinary things is much more meaningful to me. It is like a secret that you never tell but can always have the feeling with you as you remember. There is a certain awe and wonder looking at all the delicate treasures in museums and knowing they have survived the ages or been produced so painstakingly and lovingly by the artist. It is a hard thing for me to want to share that with anyone. There are some pieces that stir such a feeling that my eyes well up with emotion.

Some would say I am too sensitive but I think that sensitivity and compassion are muscles less flexed by most people. Which is a large part why I had such an ordeal this weekend.

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