Monday, August 10, 2009

It's in the bag

Just a little different today. Let me show you what I tote around in my ginormous bag. And yes I was wearing suspenders! I love suspenders as my new accessory.

This Lacoste Bag is probably the size of my entire torso. My Leather wallet from Substance in the Short North

My Monotone Panda choin Purse and the Only shark I have ever liked (I usually like to keep a small stuffed toy in my bag at all times). My Muiji aluminum planner with a little toki Doki style added. You can see my DSI peeking out from the corner.

My collection of DS games games and my Samsung Glyde phone.

Always prepared with a Tide to Go pen and a good looking pen from my friend in LA. A nice loooking pen is always impressive no matter what you are writing.

Finally my cards. It may seem a little excessive but I have my Moo cards making a mini pocket portfolio. My leather card case with my actual business cards and a plastic card case where I keep all my contact cards that are important. Just behind my owl is my digital camera case

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