Monday, August 03, 2009

Just a taste

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This is a little bit of a late post. Tomorrow I promise to begin the real journey.

I will officially put up my rules and such for my continuing person project in making a new dedication to my craft which is Fashion design.

For tonight I just wanted to share a new daily outfit.
I am wearing Coach bronze wooden platform sandals with extra long wrap around cording that starts from a bronze leather lined hole in the middle of the heel of the platform.
American Apparel Tank dress
Turquoise wide elastic belt from Forever 21 for only $4.50
Mint Green damask Bolero Designed and made by me
Toki Doki I love LA watch
Carved wood flower necklace from Korea

I am also playing around with the scheme of this blog. I don't like the way my banner doesn't seem to fit all the way across it and playing with some different color concepts also to make it match and meld better with my real website.

Other things going on is that there is actually a for Lease sign up in my old work place Stitching Post that makes us in Columbus wonder if we really are going to have jobs there again and if it even is going to open up. Not so bad for me just a little annoying to have to find a new part time job but I'm hoping for the best. I have one more full week of workshop to complete for CCAD and then I am off for two months before my CE and SMAC classes start. I am very hopeful for the coming year that I will get more recognition as an excellent teacher and that I am giving more classes and responsibility. I need to work on my skills a bit more though. I really want to get back into painting and learn how to draw better fashion illustrations also.

I'll be really sad if when I start to interview for new part time jobs I am required to dye my hair back to a more natural shade. I love the Blue and I think it is surprisingly one of the best colors of hair that I could have.

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