Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The blog is going to kill me!

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This is an outfit from the weekend. I made this skirt on a whim out of this old fabric from the 80's that reminded me of water colored flowers.
Shoes by Coach from DSW
Belt from Urban Outfitters that was back ordered for months from Deena & Ozzy
Blouse bought from the no longer existing Principessa in Grandview
Curiouser and Curiouser Necklace from Untamed Menagerie on Etsy

I wore this out to Pecha Kucha and the Yummy Exhibit which were both wonderful. I wish I had pictures to share of it.

I thought I would really be able to do this everyday thing but it seems not. Does NOT mean that I am going to give up at all. I am just not going to be what I had originally planned.

Maybe this will never be what I had in mind but nonetheless I will continue. I will still try to do something everyday even if it is just a little blurp.

Today I figured the perfect line to describe me. "I am a juggernaut at the sewing machine" and it is completely true. One I get on the machine it is very hard to stop myself from going on for hours. I might not even have a particular project but I will find one and make one.

I think I am actually prepared for my Trunk show this Friday! I finished sewing the last of the cover ups and tested my drawstring pants pattern and it worked out perfectly. I am not going to sew anymore though. I don't want to go overboard when I am not even sure how well my things will sell. At least I have that Fantastic Photo shoot with Adam to look forward to.

I am testing several things with yarn for my Halloween highball Collection and just some ideas I have. I want to get back into designs inspired by nature as opposed to ideas. I never did as well with Ideas as I do with nature.

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