Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Leather

For the past week I have been diligently working on this Mutton Sleeve Leather Jacket. It has been quite interesting. First time I have ever taken from my own pattern directly into a full leather garment.
Things were not as they would seem...................

I forgot to take the thickness into account so what was originally supposed to be a classic looking crossover front with snaps has turn into a sculptural double collar/mask looking collar. Also due to this everything has come up shorter so I had to add a waistband that included the
pointed backside into itself and cuffs on the wrists.

All in all it has been for sure a learning experience and the next two jackets will go more quickly and smoother especially since I know the limitations of my machine. Designing around limitations makes me be even more creative and to do things I would never of thought otherwise. Like adding extra seaming around the shoulder cap so that I can actually put it through my machine without the bulk of the ruffles in the sleeve itself.

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