Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rodarte for Target!

Why hello me late again on the train as usual because life happens and I can't seem to keep up with everyone else's exciting fashionable lives outside of C-bus!

Yes maybe you have heard RODARTE designed a line for Target's "Go International" That Debuts December 20th Nationwide.  GAH why does it have to be before the Holidays?!   I was skimming around and I want it all!  At least this is much better then that H&M Jimmy Choo debacle where it was only being sold in certain H&M stores and not online at all.  Just because you live in one of The Big cities does not automatically make you more fashionable and more worthy of such decadence.

I learned of this great collaboration from a wonderful young girl named Tavi from Style Rookie who is WAY far from a rookie.  She has more travel and fashion experiences under her tiny belt then I have had in my whole 28 something life.  ~fuming with jealousy~  You can read more here at Teen Vogue.

It is a 20 piece collection that I am DROOLING over.  If I could do my Christmas list all over again it would be THIS in every design.

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