Monday, December 21, 2009

Rocking the Horse

I hate when Christmas lists escape me.   All the things I want I forget to put down in time.  Such as Rocking Horse Shoes.  In particular these Vivienne Westwood's.  I just saw them again on Style Bubble and coveted them instantly all over again.

Although I know most would say I am too old to think and dress like a Gothic Lolita deep down in my heart I still want to do it.  I like to use Ohayocon as my excuse to play dress up. Though I doubt I will have a full Lolita outfit I will still most likely portray my current Favorite Anime Character Nana Osaki from the NaNa manga.

I did find some decent imitation Vivienne Westwood Rocking horse Shoes on Ebay which I think I might Purchase this year for Ohayocon in January.

I'll make a larger blog about my love for Gothic Lolita Another day.  I still have TONS of things to do before Christmas and errands to run!

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