Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rush for the Holidays

If you haven't noticed I have been working hard on updating my Etsy.   It's very hard time of year because after all those craft shows and events you just want to let your guard down and relax.  Unfortunately for me the colder months are my best selling months.
Finally I have finished all my updating on Etsy!  it only took me 3 days including taking photos, editing and posting of over 30 items.   Well worth it though.  Hopefully I will make some last minute sales before the holidays.

The process is longer then I would like but it's a one women show especially when I don't have time for interns when I am scrapping by myself.  I'm very happy with how it turned out and borrowing a Digital SLR made a HUGE difference in the quickness of the updates.  I had much less photo editing to do then I normally do and didn't even need to take a second batch of photos because everything looked brilliant the first time around.  It especially helped that I took my time to practice the week before getting accustomed to the camera's settings and playing with lighting.  Also helpful that my cat was a willing muse.

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