Friday, March 05, 2010

Alice in Wonderland - The Review

My Alice in Wonderland Review with no spoilers!

What?! Not spoilers? Yes it is entirely possible to write a review about a movie without giving away any spoilers as tempting as it is to spill my guts on it all I will restrain. I just wanted to put this out there ASAP for all my friends and followers reading.

Firstly I did watch it at Midnight on Thursday (last night) because I was so enthusiastic about it and to gloat over all my other friends that I had seen it before them. I know real grown up of me right? Sorry but I am hopelessly obsessed with all things Alice so first I of course had to dress up with my inner Alice.

I wore my new Shoes from Aldo that had JUST come into the mail the day before. I wore a very girly grey dress with a lace bodice and a long sleeved silk/cotton blend blouse in a soft blue with poet sleeves. I would show you pictures of me dressed up but due to me being daft and staying up too late earlier this week I was in no mood for pictures due to a blemish. Actually blemish is being too kind, it looks like I am zombifying starting with my lower lip.

Anyways…….. Onto Alice!
The funny thing about movies these days made from what were once my childhood loves are surprisingly not all for kids even if they are made by Walt Disney. Several examples of this being Where the Wild Things are and Sleepy Hollow, even Transformers. Alice is not like this at all! It is completely (in my opinion) safe to take your child without too many terrible nightmares. I would say the fiercest beast there is the Jabber Wocky and rightly so, followed by the Bandersnatch, who isn’t all bad.

Things were not so dark and dreary. I feared that I would be creeped out the dark tones of the scenery but the voices and the people who played them put so much life into the characters and made them really shine out of the woodwork. Such as the Cheshire cat and Tweedle dum/dee. All the pictures I had seen until the movie made me leary of the creature but in the movie cheshire was quite charming and it made me want to dye my own cats hair blues and green. I felt myself longing to be able to pet the silly beast (don’t forget I was in IMAX 3D for full fur effect). I think the only character that really creeped me out that I didn’t expect was the March Hare.

You must also remember in this movie that it not the same Alice in Wonderland Story.  It is Alice grown up revisiting Wonderland so it is the same favorite characters in an all new adventure.  I was a little put off by the Disney website and how it described all the characters.  Also all the Hype on Johnny Dep as the Mad Hatter.  I think he was only focused on as a main character because he was one of the few Human characters that was in the main story line.  Each of the characters for sure had their moments and personalities that very much stuck out which I thought was great.  You could almost see the back stories for each one without getting off track of the main adventure.  I thought it was a wonderfully done story line.

The Makeup was of course off the charts!  Ridiculous for the Hatter and Queens but perfectly flawless for Alice.  The different costume changes for Alice was a great treat for me!  I think my favorite were the draped ones of course.  When Alice Shrank the first time she had this gauze/organza and ribbon dress that was just folds upon folds neatly draped together in a luscious blue.  The when she was her largest at the Red Queen's palace and they did a little Scarlett O'Hara with the curtain dress.  I know myself that those were not particularly rich fabrics or silks and most likely were man made fabrics but the way they were filmed made them seem super rich and expensive.  I think it is just that way with all clothes and fashion is giving the appearance of decadence and richness even when it is not. 

For me this was Top of the Charts.  I will be watching again in the theaters as soon as I can!

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