Monday, March 15, 2010

Decorating the House and GIVEAWAY!

After this Liberty of London Kick I started to think about how my house can be more fashionable and savvy.  I want the decoration on my interior to reflect not just my maniac personality but my exterior fashion style.  My boyfriend and I have an odd assortment of prints from all over, local and larger artists as well.  We have prints of pop culture such as star wars, Kozydan, Shannon Bonatakis.  I have a pleathora of japanese plushies.

So on this kick I was pleasantly approached by CSN to do a promotion!  As I searched their enourmous conglomaerate website I got lost in all the fantastic things that could be snatched up!  Most importantly I want to decorate our "guest room" which will also be our "kid's room" in a style that can easily translate when we have childern without having to invest a lot more money.  I wanted it to still have the quirkyness but clean look that we have for the rest of the house with a childern's touch.  I also did not want to overwhelm the room with cheesy sponge bob motifs or any other limited character.  I started the search on kids bedding because I feel finding the right bedding is always the first start to putting together a bedroom for any age.  I was amazed at how there were some very sophisticated items like these:

Along with the wonderful bedding options they also had some other fun furniture that I personally think is great for all age groups if you have a little bit of a childish side to your personality

Such as these Night Lights!

But what room young or old is complete until you have a blackboard to make your daily scribbles?

This I LOVE!  I was fortunate enough to be able to pick this as the Give away.  So one of my lucky readers will get the chance to have this for free!  It includes the US and Canada (yah!)
So this nifty little thing can be applied to any wall in your house just like a Vinyl Decal so no worries of it ever falling down and bonking you in the head.

How do you win this?  
1. Follow my Blog publicly
2. Make a comment Before 12PM Friday March 19th about what inspirational words you would write to yourself every morning on this chalkboard.   
3. Also Include your e.mail address so I can contact the winner!

The More Innovative Comment will win!


  1. I'm following you now and I'd write seize the day


  2. Great prerequisite to the possibility of winning that gorgeous piece waiting to be filled with possibility. I'd have a gazillion things to say...

    " The strong do not hesitate, they settle down, they sweat, they go on to the end. They exhaust the ink, they use up the paper." - Jules Renard

    "Whatever it takes." - me, but I'm sure it's common.

    "Begin doing what you want to do now. We don't have eternity."

    "Be so brilliant at what you do, they can't ignore you."

    That's it for now. Great job on your blog, Es!

    xoxox, Jo-Ann

  3. I would write down absurd things people have said to me recently that made me laugh, Taoist quotes and the highly inspirational "Road to Hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs" from The Sun Also Rises.

    And I would probably poorly draw a bunch of cat pictures. I mean, that's a given.