Monday, March 29, 2010

Hand and Lock Embroidery Contest 2010- It's only the beginning

I've decided that I am going to enter in the above international contest.  I looked into it last year but had missed the deadline and felt that I was ill prepared either way.  This year I feel much better about my opportunity  to be in this.  I have a new confidence in my beading and smocking techniques as well as my overall design.  Fortunately for me this year's theme is Militaria!  Which is perfect I love it!  Something that I always try to put in my aesthetic as it is.  The only thing I could see going wrong is that international military references that I am pulling from.  I have been heavily studying the different medals of honor between the US and UK.  I was thinking of sticking with the United States metals such as the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor but am not sure how the UK judging would welcome that.  I remember from my past experience with the Styles Scotland Competition in College that you must be aware of who your judges are and where they are coming from.  Overseas and even in other cities judge everything differently.  The things that I could think would be a fun twist on a medal of honor could actually be viewed as an insulting bastardazation of their culture and history.  I'm treading on some very very loaded territory here with this contest.

My first order of business is to pull images for inspiration.  It is a Militaria theme and then you must pick a more specific color pallete already chosen with a description.  Which can be found on their website here.

I have chosen the last set
"Air Reactions

Rotors and windmills, stromy seas, magnificent waves, sudden splashes and sails.  In a plane amongst wind-strewn clouds, parachutes, hot air balloons and power kites.  Smoke and steam, typhoons, hurricanes and tornados.  This theme should represent our place along side the power and delicacy of nature.  It should use light and transparent fabrics, fluid jersey and ultra fine knits.  Structures in waves, puckering, gathers and textured falling lines. 
Colours - blue and grey tones, lead, antique blue, light foam and sea breeze, crystal, blue smoke, indigo, sky blue and azure."

Everything sounds perfect for the setting of a Semi steampunk oceanic voyage right?  Or as I like to think of it LAPUTA, the castle in the Sky.  That Anime has Military influences, not the best costume but hey it works for what they are doing and it is an older anime, not so much fantasy as the story line.

My biggest gripe is the fabric they describe to use, how in the world am I supposed to produce a heavily embellished military inspired jacket from "light and transparant fabrics, fluid jersey and ultra fine knits"?  I need a good wool or canvas to support what I am doing so we shall see.  Especially since I want to add fur to the collar.

I did find a wonderful source for 100% silk organza that has 11 yards per bolt for fairly cheap. 
Well I shall continue to Brainstorm! 
I did pay my my fee which was 29 pounds for Open Entry which equals anout $42 US.  I can't wait to get started!

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