Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Hertitage Bag

There are few pieces that I like to exclaim about on their own entire post but I feel this bag from Tiger Tree is one of them.

I remember when Josh and Niki first got these Heritage bags.  Josh was in the store and told me the story of how he came across these great tool bags that were canvas and leather with a doctor's bag sort of mouth metal frame.  I instantly had to have one to tote books, knitting and othes goodies.  Unfortunately at the time I was a bit shy of the stark white canvas and the sizes that he had left.  Patiently I waited and sure enough they got more, and even better custom made in collaboration with Tiger Tree.  They had them made with black and navy canvas and even though the price was higer it was well worth it.  Fortunately I also had my Groupon for them as well so that shaved off a nice chunk.

In the end it doesn't matter this bag is FANTASTIC! (please excuse the new leather dust in the photos)
This Bag is coming with me on my Shopping trip to Soho in NYC in two weeks!

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