Monday, March 08, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target - belated

So first some Image eye candy from FabSugar and I know this is belated but blogging is unfortunately not my full time job........ awww dream jobs..... that's a truth for later!

Onto the show!  I only posted the ones that I was personally interested in almost all of it I got unless the fabric turned me off or it was out of stock.
I saw the leather Jacket was not impressed with the odd brown that was chose but LOVED the striped Bustier dress and snatched it up immediately.
Same Bustier top but this print was not available in Columbus.  Pants were cute but I like to spend my money on something with higher quality fabrics if it is meant to be tailored.

Looks like the dress is Denim right?  Wrong..... it was this strange plastic feeling fabric that had alligator print embossed onto it.  The T-shirt underneath however I felt was Iconic so I had to get it.  Usually I don't go for just any t-shirt unless it is Alice themed.  something about this one was worthy

The mesh Halter dress was PERFECT.  It fits in my closet right next to my other Jean Paul Gaultier Mesh dress that I snatched up years ago when I was working as a Personal Shopper at the Original Marshall Fields in Chicago.  The slip dress under it is neither silk or cotton, it was this strange almost slip like fabric probably a rayon mix.  Vest was cute but once again I need better fabric.

Oh Woe is ME!  They only had the blue slip dress which I already was not into.  The Striped draped top never made it in and neither did the floral skirt which surprised me because you would think going to a Midwest store they would fill it with things that are more "Fashion Practical" as I like to say for Columbus.   I checked online and that skirt was completely sold out in the first 5 hours.

This dress looked like it would of been the perfect replacement for the above skirt but once again they fooled me with fabrics.  It was again that strange man made material that felt like putting on a trash bag against my skin.

This red and white dress was very cute but not something I would consider that I absolutely had to have. My friend Megan from Tsurubride had tried it on and said it was not for a girl who had any shape to her body.  It fit her perfectly up op but the bottom was so narrow that when she went up a size it made the stomach area pouf out.

This Skirt was actually really nice but I already had something nearly exactly like it from H&M years ago so of course I don't need another.  The Mesh Leggings however were one of the pieces that I woke up at 7AM for and it never came into the stores.  Apparently an online only deal that sold out also within mere hours of launch.

I was highly interested in the green dress underneath but it was just like the Blue slip dress in fabrication.

This cardigan looked exceptional online but alas another that never made it into the store.  The Swimwear did, which I was pleasantly surprised with.  Although I didn't snatch any of it up I feel it's safe to not buy swim wear immediately living in Ohio.  First because it's still cold as a witch's tit.  Second more then half the people I interact with daily have no clue at all who Jean Paul Gaultier is.  Third I have at least 4 different swimsuits that already don't get used as much as I'd like.  They did have the same goldfish/dragon prints as the mesh for the swimsuits which I thought was a real delight!

The Trench Coat was another long awaited piece that I have not seen in person but was keen on.

Overall the sizing for the Jean Paul Gaultier line was pretty true.  Unlike the Rodarte line for Target where I normally wear a size 2-4 and I had to go up to an 8-10.  For this Line I only had to go up on the Bustier size to a Medium.  Everything else was true to size for me.   I hope this helps anyone who wants to try their luck to shop online.

Remember you can always return something if you are unsure.  I often times like to take clothes home to "test drive" with the rest of my wardrobe to see if it is really worth it.

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