Thursday, March 04, 2010

To Muse on Wedding

Something a little different then usual.  I started a secondary blog because wedding items have been heavy on my mind lately.  My best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor aka MOH for their wedding next year.  Of course I said yes and that had put into my head questions of my own relationship and wishes for when we do become married.  

Looking through all the books and websites and listening to my friend plan away jumpstarted my own desires for planning.  My problems were
A. did not want to carry around some cumbersome additional planner to my already deliriously planned life and multiple planners.
B. have something multi accessible to me, Andy and my friends involved and those just curious about what we are doing

Thus I figured with my blog here I can tap into it anywhere and from my laptop so it only made sense.  It also is easy to edit and find things depending on then format I choose.   And here it is!

Once again this may not be exciting for any one else but if you get bored you can wander over and read my trials, tribulations and Ah Ha moments.  I won't give all the fiscal details but you can see where things are heading.  It also is going to be very wordy so don't expect a ton of pretty pictures.

P.S.  I am going to my first Wedding Expo with my Best Friend in Chicago this weekend at O-Hare!  I will try and take a lot of pictures and post to you as soon as I can about the horrors of it and perhaps some of the pleasantries (it might be a double post for here and To Muse on Wedding).

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