Monday, March 15, 2010

In the House

Target has done a great job of getting some fresh items into their brand.  Not just clothing designers either.  This weekend they launched Liberty of London clothes, housewares, living and storage.  Of course I hit this opening day but not as early as I would of liked.  Since it happened so close to the Jean Paul Gaultier opening I had forgottan about Liberty of London until I had an e.mail from Target reminding me.  So of course I got up right away to go check it out.

I was very surpirsed to find that majority of it had already been picked over.  I opted to just have a basket because with a cart I knew I would be filling it up with much more then I needed.  I had a few things in my sight such as the Piggy banks and the Teapots.  I was curious about the Tumblrs but then I saw that they were acrylic and the last Acrylic tumbler's I had gotten were very disappointing in quality.  They did not hold up well to the washing.  These could of been different but for $23.00 why take the chance when I could put that money towards getting a new duvet cover!

There were of course clothes!  But I have yet to find good images of those to share.  I was not very interested in them just because of the plain shapes and designs.  What makes Liberty of London is the prints for sure.  The little cami sleep sets were very cute,  if I did not already have an overflowing drawer of night attire I would of snatched up at least 3 different sets that I had seen.

Here is a little Preview of the clothing.  Also they had Men's clothing which does not happen very often with these guest designers.
I ended up with the two floral piggy banks, black and white Teapot, and a Storage container in the pastel poppy print.  I might go back later this week to pick up a tie for myself. 

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