Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Review - The Sewing Bible

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Yet another crafty pretty looking book has hit the shelves in the past couple years.  But is it worth it, is it substantial or will it just look nice and impressive on the shelf as you only read it one time?

This book I picked up on a whim when I was at Sew To Speak for their Birthday sale over a month ago.  It had taken me a bit of time to read it for lack of time in my life as well as it being quite a hefty book at 304 pages.  It was surprisingly not daunting at all when I had gotten around to it.

This book is one of the very very very few books that I would suggest to all my friends and students who are learning to sew or are just beginners.  I would even suggest it to some of my seamstress friends.  It really is that good. A+ indefiniately.

Not only does it have clear and concise photos to go along with the instructions and examples but the way it is written is easy to understand.  No "turn the angle 45 degrees to the right at point 1B".  It is very straight forward and takes you easily step by unconfusing step through a myriad of techniques.  I actually found several things in there explained much more clearly then I ever could to incorporate into my own lessons.  As well as some techniques I never thought of using such as the double welt button hole. 

The book itself is a mere $35.00 which is really a deal considering that it was bound and made to last through many uses and abuses.  The pages are much thicker nearly a cardstock feel and large format so you are not straining your eyes to read the print and figure out what is happening in the example photos.  The way the binding is done allows you to easily prop it open and keep it open flat so you can have it right there as you work on projects or techniques.  The cover itself is hardbound and looks pretty enough and modern that it could be mistaken for a coffee table book.

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