Monday, April 12, 2010

Hand and Lock - Colors and Fabric

I just made my order today for my Hand and Lock competition fabrics.  I am using Silk Organza for the body and Cotton Jersey for the beading underneath.  I am also getting some worsted weight cotton yarn to do some cording.  All bought from Dharma Trading Company.  Yes the website looks cheesy BUT they have incredible prices on dyes, natural fabrics and yarns and many other assortments of things.  I was able to get an 11 yard bolt of 100% silk 45" wide Silk Organza from them for less then $40 which is AMAZING.  I could fathom making my own wedding dress if the price is that low.   If you checked out the website you'll notice it all comes either white or natural colors in the fabrics and yarns.  Personally I think that is fantastic, since you can then dye the colors to suit what you want and need.   Perfect for this contest since I wanted to experiment with some ombre on the sleeves.   It will also make it so much easier to match my colors.

Speaking of colors I was looking for inspiration swatches for them since some of them seemed unfamiliar to me.  The following are all the colors in my portion of the brief that I am supposed to be using.
The pictures are of the following Indigo, Indigo, Antique blue, Blue Smoke, Crystal, Azure, Lead, Azure, Light Foam, Sky Blue, Sea Breeze, and Crystal.

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