Monday, April 26, 2010

It made my heart Flutter

There are few things when scanning the internet that make me gasp but as soon as I saw this post on Style Bubble I did.

Duh Brain DIY

Simply because of the following two photos

All that sweet supple leather and canvas into an assortment of bags.  The only thing that could be better and make me drool is if those were shoes!   I love love love seeing things in multiple collections.  That is actually one of my driving aesthetics for my own designs, repeitition with individuality. 

If you have ever seen any place that I have lived or occupied you will notice that I collect things.  Somewhat randomly mostly on the theme of them being a soft plushie or resembling some cute nononsense character that may or may not have a name.  I think I tend to collect for the sake of collecting.  Thank GOD I never got into Pokemon, that would of driven me insane.  I do in fact own what I believe to be every single color Yoshi plush made out there.

On totally serious working, adult note.  I feel really good about my work right now and where I am heading for design.  F- Project Runway if I don't get called back.  I have other things to do and life to keep living.  I have a UK embroidery competition to tackle, OAL Absolutely Absurd submission to starte and complete, Handmade Nation Truck show, CCAD Fashion show to attend, and orders to fill for Undone Lingerie and Shoe Boutique.  Not to mention teaching and hopefully securing my day job which would leave me with a lot of freedom from stress about materials and such.

After this weekend I feel surprisingly relaxed and refreshed and ready to get to work!
MOST importantly my Birthday is fast approaching.  I will be a mere 29 years old. 

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