Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Price of Beauty

Isn't it a damn shame when all your makeup runs out at the same time?  Even though I bought them at all different times in different amounts all my basic makeup regiment has failed me and run out at the same time.

There are just a few essentials that I have learned to make up my basic everyday face to protect, nourish and cover the flaws (no this is not a sponsored commercial).  Very basic needs but things I can not live without nonetheless.

My first must have is a good mosturizer.  I have tried the gamut of products from drug stores to high designer lines.  I remember starting with my first good brand in highschool.  I was prone to pick up the Shiseido Purenss line. 
Which is still very good but just doesn't hold the punch it once did with my then youthful teenage skin.  With the drug store varieties the cheaper it was the worse it did.  I felt that if I was going to spend the money it wouldn't be a drug store anyways.  After many trial and errors I have found my good dependable to be Hope in a Jar by Philosopy.  It has never done me wrong although it costs anout $38 which is not an easy for me to spend that much when it doesn't add to the style of my wardrobe.  Good Skin just like a good body is the basis for everyone on top to look good though.
My next best thing is a good light foundation for my lazy days.  Something that blends easily doesn't clog my pores and that is a bit no nonsense.  I love my mac foundations NC20 and they do a great job at covering and looking flawless the problem is I find them too heavy to deal with everyday.  Truth be told I am LAZY about my skin care.  If I can't sleep in it for a day or two without worry about immediate clogs and belmishes then it's too much for me.  I just can't be bothered every night to wash my face when I have books to read, things to knit and Dr. Who to watch!  So far "Some Kinda-A Gorgeous" ($28) has been my day to day saviour of looking a little less rolled out of bed for work and basis enough for my powder.  Along with that I use "You Rebel lite" ($30) both of which are by Benefit. 

Another regiment of mine by Benefit is "Dr. Feel Good" that I use as a matte primer but I have no need to re-filling that at this time.  It is a great balm to smooth out and fill lines.  I like the scent of it as well as the velvety feeling it gives my skin after applied.
Just for those 3 things that I have run out of will cost me around $96.00 before taxes and I'm sure I will spend even more now that I see that Simone Legone has paired up and is now doing a line of TOKI DOKI Makeup!   My obsession with Toki Doki is bad and I know I will have to buy some of that up as well.  The good thing is that it is with Sephora which is my destination for buying all of these essentials.  I like being able to get all my makeup needs in one place plus they give a lot of great free samples and perks/points on products that I find pretty worthwhile. 

A few other things I must wear everyday are a good eyeliner.  It varies how I feel and what my wallet looks like.  Currently I have been rocking either Mac Gel Fluid line ($15.00) or Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($17).  I don't usually do more then a simple sweep with a cat's eye point.

A couple things I pick up from Target are Mascara and Powder.  I could get nice expensive powder from Sephora as well or I could save myself over $15 and get Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder which works excellent!  Maybe when I make some more bank I will spoil the last layer of my face with something better.  For now I will keep using Rimmel as it has not caused any complications with my skin and it does the job.  The only downside is that it being cheaper at only $4.99 it also has less in it so I find myself getting a new one about every other month.
Lastly for Mascara I really have no opinions.  Anytime it's an event or I go out I use false lashes.  For the day to day I typically curl my lashes and slap on whatever is at my disposal.  The ones that happen to be in my makeup case right now are Maybelline Stilletto, Great Lash and Define a Lash.
I did at one point have Benefit's Bad Gal and that was ok....... but it dried up quickly and for that money I can get two of the previous. I only remember one mascara ever being truly Fantastic and that was from Sheer Cover mineral makeup.

This concludes my everyday basics.  I used to up to a couple years ago always have a full face of makeup with a very vivid eye shadow palette but these days waking up at the bullshit of morning to go to work just doesn't happen.  Not to mention when 7/8 of the time I am doing makeup in the my first 10 mins of getting to work while my printouts are going for the day.  It would like a little suspicious for me to have more then a single small makeup bag on my desk.  Not saying I don't care or try but at work I am bare minimum usually.  After work is when I glam it up to what I feel is my normal routine.

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