Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Everything has it's place

I have been sitting here staring at my monitor twirling this Bic ball point pen for what seems like ages (in reality 30 mins).  Inside my head I am screaming kicking and crying in nervous horror.  

What in world have I gotten myself into?
I am talking about all my projects that I am currently working on.  Two competition submissions, a photo shoot, possibly two next week.  Packing for my weekend trip to NYC and what in the world am I going to submit for the Ohio Art League event this year? Also finishing my samples for my Kilala Meows class this month.  And finally getting together some simple things to sell for the Crafty Cotollion Handmade Nation Viewing on May 8th.  I am sincerely not trying to be negative here just collect my thoughts instead of mindlessly straing and twirling.  Writing it all out always makes me feel better and calmer.  I can construct a game plan that way.

First and foremost is my photo shoot next wednesday.  I have my models 80% booked, Mua/Hair is 70% booked, photographer is 100% booked.  No more then 5 outfits to shoot for my PR application.

Tonight I think I am going to unfortunately skip figure drawing as much as I love it I need to get a lot of things done before I head off to NYC for the weekend.  I started to work on my samples for my Kilala Meows classes but I need to finish them before I leave otherwise they will never get done.  I also need to get this leather skirt embroidery done before I leave so I can potentially take it and wear it there, not to mention I need it for next week's shoot.

There is nothing else I can do for my Hand and Lock competition piece until I order the fabric and get that in.  I suppose I could work on the muslin but I still have 2 more months so I'm not that stressed.  If I leave an entire month for my embroidery I will be just fine.  The smocking details will get done as I sew the body of the piece together.  I might double this up and use the body before the Embroidery to submit as my OAL piece for the "One Night" Show.  I would prefer to put up a piece to sell but maybe just an impact piece will be enough.

For the Crafty Cotollion I think I am going to make kanzashi fabric flowers in arrangements for pins and hair clips maybe do some cute sweater clip type of thing with chains.  I don't need tons just a few things since this is going to be a small shared space. 

There are many good things that have been finalized for this summer such as securing my favorite TA (teacher's assistant) to be with me during my High School Summer Fashion workshop and College Preview programs.  Having this wonderful Fashion Illustration Teacher Irina to help me with my College Preview on my monday critique and illustration days.  My adult Continuing Education classes are filling up nicely and will make me very busy.  My Favorite of these classes is the new Draping into Pattern Class that I will be teaching. 

Ahhhh!  I already feel so much better and it doesn't seem as impossible now that I have it all planned out and capped it off with some good news!
Sorry this was an all txt post but I will have pictures for you in the next upcoming posts this week like the Leather skirt and a sewing book review!

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