Thursday, April 15, 2010

K-pop and Lady GaGa

I'm usually not one to write about music at all, much less my taste in it considering my Ipod still reguarly plays "Kriss Kross", "Snow: Informer", and "Counting Crows: Round Here".

Something funny that I noticed while walking around at work listening to this Ipod was how in Bad Romance Lady Gaga Does this crazy claw hand motion.  I was trying to recall where I had seen it then the next song hit me!  It was by NOISE in their song "Sam sam sou-gae" or "daydreams" translated.  They do pretty much the exact same thing but 16 years earlier.  Lady Gaga would of been 6 years old so I doubt she knew about them or even had any idea what K-Pop was.  Shoot...... she probably has no idea who H.O.T. was or Clone and I'm sure she would of liked them.

Anyways here are the two videos so you can watch one after another and see what I am talking about.  It is during the Chorus on the second time when they do a close up.

Just for fun my next 10 songs on my Ipod Play list are
- Park Ji-yoon - Sung in Shik
- Roo'ra - Ahn young
- Jem - 24
- Sechs Kies - Couple
- Young MC - Busta Move
- Two Two - Geu da Noon mul  kka ji do
- Strong Bad - TROGDOR
- N'Sync - Bye Bye
- Green Day - When I come around
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into

What's the next 10 songs on your Ipod?

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