Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It talks to me

For me choosing fabrics and what I am going to make is a very organic process.  I see fabrics or materials and they instantly talk to me and tell me what they want to be made into.  I find it much harder to design and then pick a new fabric out.  I work much better just buying something on a whim and making it work.  Almost everything I buy fabric for that is planned out does not turn out as I would of wished it to.  Usually I end up scraping that idea and re-working the pattern and re draping it all into something much more fantastic.

Currently I am nearly done with this piece of  Leather.  It told me it wanted to be a pintucked wrap skirt.

Now I am in the process of encrusting the closing flap with Swavorski crystals and glass beads.
From Drop Box
It was a bit laborious going through this on my Innov-is 80 Brother machine but she toughed it out and all I needed was to change my leather needle about 3 times.  I'm always suprised how well that little electronic machine can handle heavy fabrics.  Still I prefer my Sears Kenmore for heavy leather.  It was a good experiment.

Very soon I am getting a new machine!  The Brother sewing and embroidary machine Innov-is 900D!

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