Tuesday, July 28, 2009

None of that

Sorry today is an extremely boring unfulfilled post but I feel I must make one regardless.

I am prepping for my Lingerie Trunk Show at Undone which I am also going to be showing/selling some pieces that aren't lingerie but I feel more lounge worthy. Such as the above pants. They are simple knit pants that are german military inspired. I went through my current stock and the fabrics I have and I am in good shape. No need to buy any new fabric, I just need to get it together and make the new pieces. I've also nailed down one model for a look book photo shoot for the trunk show and will shoot again with Adam Leigh-Manuell. Now I need one more model and stylist. I might leave those up to Adam but we need to discuss this all a little more and I need to get a positive YES from the current model as well as contact information. I feel doing all communication through Model Mayhem is not very professional
seeing how so many of them have failed. My biggest project for this Lingerie trunk show is to produce some a new bralet top. I think I am going to be playful also because I found all this leftover gold, black and Turquoise Lame.

There was another photo shoot that was completed with Michelle Washington a Stylist and Stephanie Matthews was the Photographer and Riquina J. I'm eagerly awaiting the photos. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to actually post them for awhile. I am learning all sorts of new stuff about the fashion world and fashion photography that I never would of thought important. Such as keeping photos that are being submitted for publication confident until after acceptance/rejection of the photo set. Like even if only one of the photos is being submitted none of them from that set should still be posted anywhere publicly. It's really a strange world that I am trying very hard not to step on anyone's toes.

Fashion photography is unlike any other art form in my opinion. First of all there are so many people involved. On this particular turn it was a Photographer, make up artist, wardrobe stylist, and model. You could add me in as the clothing designer but that all depends on the viewpoint. It's like a group project no matter who is responsible for what and since they are all artists it's like walking on eggshells because you don't want to offend anyone. Everyone has their own take an viewpoint and direction. You just hope everyone is on that same direction. It is also more a form of advertisement to get more jobs then it is art. Only the few lucky ones can do this as purely an "art" form and be able to make it their entire living. Not that people don't live off of it but there aren't many people that can make a living off of just Fashion photography shoots. Most make up artists also work a counter, weddings, touch ups for TV or commercial makeup to supplement with Fashion. Photographers same thing they have weddings, portraits, and other none fashion related work. They are lucky because I think they have a little more leeway for art because they can do nudes, or just artistic photos that aren't directly fashion related but still art related. If that makes sense. Stylists are pretty much all around stylists, they look for the clothes, concepts, trends and they clothe people whether it be for fashion or not. They make people look good and put together in general. I just make clothes both avant garde and commercial. Sometimes I get the opportunity to be my own stylist for shoots and every once in a while I do makeup as well. I am at a lose with hair and photography though.

I think I should just keep my mouth/fingers shut all the time. I feel like I am always offending people lately when I don't mean to be. It all just makes me so nervous. I apparently made a comment that I didn't think was bad in anyway but I felt like it was taken the wrong way. I really don't want to come off as some critic or anything. I'm really open to everything. I'm just happy to get good photos of my clothes and I feel everyone has their own take on the same pieces and it's just so much fun to see what different people do. I hope I apologized enough to get that across. I just don't know what more I can do lately. Not just with the photo shoot but all around in life right now I feel kind of helpless and like I am apologizing everywhere to everyone. It makes me want to be less and less social and just hide in my basement and sew till someone calls on me. A friend sent me photos of her work and I haven't even responded yet for fear of sounding critical.......... She does amazing work.

I think maybe because of all the classes lately since I have to critique the student work constantly I don't think I am doing anything wrong. I just have to constantly instill in them what makes good aesthetic designs and their level of work is far from professional. I'm not a perfectionist by far but I know what I like and don't like and what comes out appealing. I haven't seen anything from the outside that I outright do not like, I just don't know...... I am going to keep my mouth shut.

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