Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sauntering to the Finish

Unfortunately until I find my gorilla tripod half body shots are all you are getting for a bit. My full sized tripod is annoying and so is my camera. I can't wait to get a digital SLR.

I have an interview this week for a part time gig at Macy's. The reality kids is that it is VERY difficult to be an independent designer with no financial backing. Everything is paid by the piece and usually I don't make any money back because they are so extravagant they can't be sold. Also I live in Ohio........ not exactly the best fashion market. It is improving with all the boutiques but still a long shot from Chicago or NYC or even LA.

The necklace below is what I had been waiting to get in Chicago since I could not find it anywhere here in Ohio. It is from forever 21 and it was recently previewed in Lucky magazine. It was the last one left and one of the strands was broken. At first the register was going to give me a discount and then she snapped off the broken pearl and tried to fix it. Not giving me any discount and entirely offsetting the necklace. I was pissed but what can you do when it is already dirt cheap at $12.80. As soon as I came home I promptly took this out of my suitcase and fixed it properly. I had swiped the broken pearl piece from the counter before she swept it off.

I've also found my perfect Lady Vengeance eyeshadow! I'd been on the hunt for something just right since I saw the movie years ago. Most of the reds are too tame and don't give that great pop but now that MAC has "Brash and Bold" I can complete this. I wore it very tamed down in my first photo mixed in with "Milk" to the right. I know a lot of good MUA's will snuff their heads to MAC but I have a loyalty to them and I've used them long enough before and after the change of company hands to know what works for me. It is a little silly how much more work it takes to get things right but I just deal with it. Plus for the money it still is cheaper then what I would really want to play with. There is a newish makeup line I have been drying to try by "Doe Deere". She has these amazingly playful pigments, glitter and now coming out Lipstick line. She is one of the few bloggers that I check on everyday.

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