Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I had the cutest outfit on today and I was so excited to share and my camera FAILED. The battery on the Casio Exilim apparently is known to fail completely. You can hard wire jump the battery with foil and 9V battery. That gets incredibly geeky and hardcore. My boyfriend does this. I try not to be ask geeky as I know I am capable of. I'm actually very adept to solving all my own computer/software/hardware electronic problems I just don't like to announce it all.

Anyways! Tomorrow there is going to be a give away for one of my fingerless gloves on my friends blog "The naked red head"

I even curled my hair! It was so cute............ errrrang...........
Anyways to make up here are some pictures of my planner, crappy as they may be since they are done using the blackberry.

I loving using a planner that you still need to write in. Helps me remember things better, and it's like a mini traveling scrapbook. I have a hole puncher in it to put movie stubs, notes and receipts into it. I can also decorate the months with stickers and such. It's a fun little project to do on a rainy weekend is updating and decorating. I've been keeping a yearly planner since High school so 14 years.

This particular Planner is from Muji In NYC. It was a plain all aluminum variety with very plain recycled sheets. I liked how simple it was so I could expand on it. Unfortunately it is only for sale in the store.

If you haven't heard about the movie 9 you should watch this Trailer. It comes out tomorrow and is AMAZING! I can not wait.

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