Monday, September 07, 2009

Reboot and begin again

I feel like I change this thing around so much.
First of all I hate the layout and picking the color themes is a pain to change them all around every time I pick a new template. I've resolved that on top of now 2 custom orders, finishing things for the shoe photo shoots, 3 new looks and costume of Halloween Highball and at least 1 craft show if not two, I will be adding "Making a new Blog template" to my list of things.

I know I am crazy.......... I have been without inspiration for so long and now I am bombarded with everything at once. Also getting my new phone upgrade dumb as it sounds has made me
inspired also to create new work so that I can share it with everyone. I need new things desperately to shoot and also for contests and for when I audition for Project Runway whenever that is going to happen.

It is amazing how many devices I now own for sharing and photo taking.
Blackberry storm
Casio Exislim digital camera
Poloroid Pogo printer

Today is day two of "eat the meat" We had a grill out yesterday and heavily overestimated out appetites when throwing in a "bacon log". I am taking today as my final day of not sewing a single stitch before I dive headlong into my intensive creative program and upcoming life.

Also to add to it all I start my new part time Job at Express so the wearing everything I make motto is going to have to go on pause or be extremely creative. Maybe it will be "How to wear only express and not look the part" It was kind of amazing that they offered me a position the day after I did the interview. Gave me warm fuzzies that I was not totally overqualified for a retail job which is all I can handle right now. My main goal is still to be a Full Time Instructor over at CCAD.

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