Thursday, September 24, 2009

Listing it all

These are the events that I currently have going on from now till Christmas pretty much. Keep in mind this is all while still teaching and working a part time retail job.

-Craftin' Outlaws October 17th
- 4 outfits for Halloween Highball on October 31st
- Photo shoot after Halloween Highball with Adam Leigh- Manuell
- 12-13 Looks for the Shoe Designer's Photo shoot (possibly also the weekend of October 31st but that is up in the air as of now)
- Tiny Canary November 14th & 15th pending that Lexie and I get in with our shared booth
- Final 4 garments/looks for the Substance Aspiring Designer Award by December 3rd

It seems relatively short but when I break it down further it is a huge mess!
Craftin outlaws
- need to make at least 3 more crocheted cuffs with pearls
- more bubble scarves at least 20 for the show
- sew together 4-6 new garments (patterns already done)
- needle felt some items to sell (sweets and sea creatures)
- re-print Lingerie look book to have on table with Undone Cards
- label and price everything

Halloween Highball
- finish lining leather jacket and closures
- start Costume, drape, pattern, cut, sew
- Get money for costume materials
- Make one large elizabeth collar and one smaller one
- Cast one more model and reconfirm with all the others
- figure out other 3 outfits as a combination of several things
- Make at least one dress over again from Photo shoot dresses
- Finishing knitting anemone sweater or is it skirt?

Photo Shoot with Adam
- Get all models organized and make TIME to do
- Also need to get assistant for Shoot

Shoe Designer Photo Shoot
- need to complete men's Dress shirt
- Make another men's dress shirt with contrast collars
- leather vest men's and women's
- 1 more pair of pants for women's
- 3 skirts of varying lengths and types
- Finish embellishments on one sweater
- Finish knitting sweater dress
- Make at least one HUGE show stopper dress

Tiny Canary (pending that I get in)
- replenish so that I have at least 20 bubble scarves again
- Needle felt more creatures and sweets
- Replenish any clothes that were sold
- Replenish any jewelry that was sold

Substance Aspiring Designer
- Pick up materials September 29th
- start from scratch and make 4 new looks
- draping, sewing, patterns (maybe)
- presentation and contest!

Don't forget I teach and work a part time job. Which may have to turn into No part time because I just can NOT handle the hours it looks like they are putting me on.

I'm also looking into teaching knitting and crochet Locally in Grandview. Perhaps knitting machine lessons as well.

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