Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh dearie me!

My posts have been as infrequent as my Snail mail. Sorry for that. The new part time job at Express really poops me out. I think I am getting too old for that kind of a job. My search will continue but for now at least I have a job.

Along with my hand written planner I also love to penpal to friends. I think these kinds of letters are much more precious and special. They are keepsakes all on their own. Sometimes I write letters to my friends that never even write back. Just the process sometimes can clear my head. I know for sure that someone out there is reading and is getting my thoughts. Sometimes this blog seems pointless yet I continue anyways.

This Letter is from my Friend Stephanie Bracciano who also keeps an Etsy store called MidWest Vintage. We met randomly through another friend who basically told us both that she knew someone else that liked to penpal and we both wrote.

I actually got a decent photo of my outfit from a few days ago. The camera is still on the outs. This is me in my basement studio between patterns and pattern table.
Skirt is Express from several years ago
Shirt is a new Graphic Tee from Express "love shirt
BCBG gladiator jelly sandals from the outlet
Wide elastic belt from target

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