Monday, September 21, 2009

Things not found in NYC

Even though everyone else's fashion blogs are hyped up with all the Fashion week I am in quite the contrary here in Ohio.
Yep you read the banner! A WOOL GATHERING.
Maybe they have something similar in New York City but I can assure you it does not have the same charm and horror as an Ohio Fiber Festival does. Shearing sheep live and even letting you have a go of it! People dressed in Renaissance costumes taking the wool to card, spin and weave and also breast feeding a baby in the public eye. This event happened this past weekend. The next one in Ohio is in May at Wooster, Ohio.

But the Best part for me of course was the VENDORS!
Great goobs of colors, yarns, spinning wheels, knitting machines, computer knitting programs, drop spindles, raw wool roving, silk, alpaca, cotton, angora, hemp, bamboo and much more!

Both of these Are Angora. One is a Rabbit and the Other a sheep. I learned that Angora is a reference to the region they are from NOT a specific animal. I should of known that but alas there is too much knowledge in the world to be ascertained by just little ol' me.

The Rabbit whom I seriously considered taking home. How wonderful would it be to spin my own rabbit fur, have a companion for my Demon cat and have another loving pet in the home? Plus I can think of OODLES of combinations for long haired cat/angora rabbit and wool yarn to sell at craft fairs!
A less amused Angora Sheep

This Alpaca was just not having it. He was not spitting but he also was just wide eyed and refused to move from his central bin location where no one's arms could reach him.

My load was about 5 ounces of art dyed Roving
Top whorl drop spindle
2 skeins of worsted weight art Dyed wool yarn that is swathes of indigo and white
Hiya Hiya circular brushed steel size 9 knitting needles about 6" long
2 cones of Habu Textiles wool/steel mixed yarn for a great price!

I swear I am not turning into a Granny before your Eyes.............
Also for once in a blue moon I feel inspired and not so shy as to make a comment on other blog's. Today I touched only Galadarling and Doe-deere. I just read some things that made me want to post. I felt like sharing a little bit of myself more directly then my empty little posts in the the abyss of the internets where maybe someone is reading or maybe it is all just rambling into emptiness and pixels.

Also for those of you out there who do read me, I promise things will get infinity more fashion related in the next weeks. My wonderful Boyfriend Andy is bringing home another Digital camera and I have my work cut out for me in projects. Tomorrow I list them and maybe cry a little to myself about not enough time in a day to accomplish it all!

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