Saturday, September 05, 2009

In all Honesty

I've been depressed.

To try and combat this I have been extremely busy running errands applying to contests and gearing up for Teaching and finding a job. I did in fact find a job..... Part time at an Express. I know it's not really me but basics are always good there and I can't complain about the discount. It is only part time so it's not like I am selling my soul to the retail industry. It does put a huge kink in my project that I have been wanting to launch so I might have to hold off another year or so. We shall see how I can wriggle my opinionated clothing options into their guidelines.

As for contests I submitted this week for the "Aspiring Designer Contest" at Substance. Substance is this cute store with a large space in the Short North that is eco-conscious. They have high quality cottons and basics which in store they alter with embellishments to match whatever you desire. The have samples up so you can see the endless possibilities and a wide selection of trims and notions to play with or to give their in-staff seamstress to make. It is an extremely unique Idea and I hope them all the best.

I've also been slowing still working on my 100 C's project on my knitting machine for the OAL. And the Tiny Canary Craft Application is now up!

Also I made a bunch of new Cat's Bane yarn guards and 4 new shirts to put out this weekend at Undone for Gallery Hop. I'm hoping at the craft fairs my Cat's bane will do well otherwise it's all bubble scarves and fingerless gloves and arm-warmers again........ I think I might borrow my brother's credit card Machine to use as well. I for sure don't have the funds to invest in getting my own.

I'm all stewing up my designs for the Halloween Highball. I have my theme and inspirations it's just me getting to work on them now.

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