Monday, January 18, 2010

I have a dream....... I have Goals...... I will make this Happen.

Even though nearly a month has passed I thought it quite important to share that I do have all of the above and it will be happening.

Obviously there is my Kilala Meows DIY Classes that will hopefully turn business.  I also have a short list of other things that I intend for the year of 2010.

1. More Blog followers and better Blog over all.  I responsibly invested in Gala Darlings Love and Sequins #7 about blogging and I am so glad that I did.  Not only entertaining but super informative.  It's also kind of like listening to an old friend or so I feel since I have been following her for several years now.

2. Being active in Weardobe and having better OTD's (which includes finally getting that digital SLR that I was woefully cheated out of due to fiscal circumstances)

3. Seriously making more of my own clothes and wearing it out.  Trying to get back to my original project to no longer buy into lesser brands and only invest in designer pieces that I feel are worth it.

4. Reading more business books, and studying for PRAXIS certification for K-12.  This goal is just reading though not necessarily taking the PRAXIS.  I looked at the study books at Barnes and Noble the other day and nearly had a anxiety attack.  I want to teach as much as I want to make fashion but there is so much more in there then Child Psychology like MATH!  I hate math, math hates me and that is our understanding.

5. Living out my inner Alice.  Meaning having fun, dressing up and being more polite to everyone I meet and hopefully it will spread.

To Kick this all off I have chopped off my hair and dyed it yet again!  I also needed to do this anyways for my OHAYOCON Costume.  I cut off on my own one morning about 3-4" all around.  Cutting your own hair is always an adventure.  Especially when you don't have a double mirror and can't see the back.

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