Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pom Pom trickle down

Lately I have seen a little bit of a trend with exaggerated headpieces and I love it!   I wanted to make my own.  So I got these wonderful Pom Pom Maker's from Clover.

This is another example of something more homemade from Yokoo on etsy worn by Susie from Style bubble.  I think it was this picture that made me fall in love with the idea.

They are actually super easy to make it just takes the gusto to use some really nice Roving or yarn to make some Pom Pom that's are truly Unique and artistic.   This is going to be another very simple DIY class that I want to do.  I've made up a bunch of Samples of different things you can do with the Pom Pom's besides head pieces.

I need to make a couple Examples for the Men also so the more stylish can see how versatile these little beauties are.

Here are the ones that I had made, a bow type pin, a headband and hair clip.

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