Monday, January 25, 2010

The process of Nana Part 1

So as a lot of people already know I am a little obsessed with the Manga called NaNa.  I am even re-creating one of her outfits for Ohayocon.    This is the post showing my progress on the project.

It is unfortunately somewhat knocking off a Vivienne Westwood design which does irk me a little.  I hate to me imitating anyone but in my defense this is considered a costume.  I didn't go balls to the walls and get red wool coating like I could have and I picked a herringbone patterned black wool for the heart.

Fabrics were bought Locally at "Sew to Speak"
Black wool Herringbone, Red Velveteen, and This polyester white, yellow and grey tartan tafetta.

Next was the Draping and patterning followed by Cutting

For this I did a short cropped jacket with a flounce attached, it has two hidden pockets with flaps, rounded almost shawl like collar with the heart closure and one-piece long sleeves.  Also it has same fabric facing to attach the china silk lining to the interior.  I use a combination of Multiple Weights, "Mark-b-gone" markers and Clover quilter's chalk when laying out my patterns.  Another funny thing that I do is that I make my patterns with NO seam allowance.  I add the seam Allowance when I am tracing the patterns onto the fabric.  This gives me leeway for grading or resolving problems I might have forgotten earlier or just spotted.  Usually I can catch everything when I do the first muslin mockup but we all make mistakes, especially when you are sick and it is freezing cold in the basement where your studio happens to be.

Currently I am still sewing the pieces together.  I of course serged all the main body edges and I will only serge some of the lining because I don't want to bulk it up.  I also avoided serging the upper collar to keep it from bulking up as well.  Alright that is all for now, back to sewing and starting the skirt.  Keep tuned for Part 2

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