Friday, January 15, 2010

What's your color?

I know that everyone has a color they are drawn to, even if it's not your favorite.  Mine happens to be Green.  I feel it is a power color for me because when I see green I feel refreshed and energized.  Things that are green just make me want to touch and feel them.

Some of my green daily items are my Purse from UO by Poverty Flats
Generic Green Digital Camera Case
Knuckle Biter Green monster Camera Case by Abby Did
Lime Green Dell 13" Laptop

And on a Completely Different Story I just wanted to share a little bit of something personal.
If you were aware of this or not I have been extremely unhappy with that seamstress position I had.  Suffice to say they were just insulting to me.  I also found that I could not get all those things done I had originally wanted to with this blog about making my own clothes.  It seemed fantastic at the time but I can see now that it was only hindering me.  I was so unhappy with it that it actually made me shop more and I had less time to myself and sewing machine.

To remedy all this I officially quit Wednesday and picked up my check today.  I have never felt more Liberated in my LIFE!  Since then I have been happily working on my pet project and spending a lot of needed time talking to friends and fellow crafter's and boutique owners.  They are all so wonderful and encouraging!  I know it isn't going to happen over night but I still can't wait to make it public!

In essence I am going to do the two things I love!  Sewing and Teaching.  I am creating a program of DIY fun classes for the more fashion forward and adventurous. It is going to be a combination of unravelling the mysteries that some people feel are pattern making, sewing and knitting/crochet.  All my classes will be BYOB and themed Cocktail Demos.  Like doing a Serger Demo and serving PainKillers (the fruity coconut drink with rum).  Also having simple things like a leggings class and curiously funny like panty sewing.

My Ending words before the weekend are Remember to do what makes you Happy.
If you are upset and bitter it will carry onto the other parts of your life and it is simply 
I know not everyone can just up and leave their job but take the small steps to make you smile like keeping fortune cookies in your desk to crack open when you need a life lift or put fuzzy stickers on daily items to give you a soft reminder.

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