Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short Comings

If you didn't know it I am extremely short.  It makes clothes look totally different on me then it does on other people.  What would be a mini skirt on some is knee length of me.  To this effect the trend of jean ripped in the knees is on my shins.   No, seriously I am nearly legal midget height I am only 4'10" I wear a size 5-5.5 shoe and sometimes I shop the children's sections of clothing.

Back to the story these ripped jeans.  I fell in love with having a pair of trendy black skinny jeans when I went back to help out some shifts at Express about two weeks ago.

First off I would never of bought these without my discount because to start I have to cut off nearly 4 inches to first fit my height.   Then for the problem of the "knee" that they think is just going to be universal.  Maybe in NYC or LA you would have better luck but a company based in the Midwest Corporately should know better.  Majority of the clients do not run under if your a bigger size you will be taller!  Or that everyone is a 5'8" bombshell of long lean legs.

Here are the Jeans in Question after I shortened them

Here are the tools you would need to continue doing the shredding yourself in the more controlled and safe manner.   A Sharp Razor or Exacto Knife and small square of Cardboard.

After Marking where I want to rip it I stuck the cardboard underneath inside the pants.  Personally I did want to shred the jeans on both the front and back so this was a good control.  Also having the Cardboard in there gave me a good surface to cut against.  If my blade went past the cardboard it didn't sink into the fabric and cut any further.

The before and after shredding.  When you shred this you need to pay attention and making slicing strokes to follow the already apparent pattern.  In this case the weave was missing horizontally leaving just the vertical strings so I needed to slice vertical as well to preserve as much of the vertical strands as possible.  Do not willy nilly slice it or move diagonally because that will cut those vertical threads that you want to preserve.  if you want to be really precise about it use a ruler against your blade to keep it all perfectly straight.  I know it looks a little ragged in the After photo but do NOT feel you need to get each individual strand out.  Every time you wash these jeans more and more of the middle fuzz will come out leaving you with just the rip you want.  After the first wash of these jeans I used a lint roller to go across the new rips to gently pick out the extra fuzz still clinging.

My End Results after one wash

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