Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the Shelf - The Art of Manipulating Fabric

If you are seriously interested in making some fascinating textures then you NEED this book. It is one of the most fantastic books I have had in a long time by far.  It explains everything so clearly and has loads of step by step images and diagrams.  I am hoping to get approval for teaching my Draping class and incorporate this book into it.  Eventually I want to get the approval to teach an entire college course on this.

Making yo-yo's is just one of the fun little things from the capture in gathering.  Even though I have made these a million times before it is just so fascinating to read more about them. 

In doing all this reading it makes me feel more and more that I need to pursue Graduate School this year.  As always the big debate is either for Art Education K-12 at OSU or following my passion with a Master's in Fine Art and exploring fashion and body modification by Fabrics at CCAD.

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