Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project Runway Episode 1

I just have to post these few words before the show tomorrow!

Well..... What an interesting season it looks like we will be having.  I see a good variety of potentials and some nervous drama wrecks already showing their true colors.  I keep feeling like I might know Ping Wu from Chicago like she was an upper class man while I was at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) but maybe it's just the name.......... I swear there was a Ping in fashion at our school even if it wasn't the same girl.   I've got weird connections to Project Runway anyways.

One of the Executive Producers for the Bravo Channel who was responsible for bringing Project Runway, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and some other wonderful shows to re-vamp was a client of mine on Etsy (I know her name I just don't feel it is prudent to share it privacy and all).  I Graduated and Interned with Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman of last Season's Project Runway.   We were in the same Fashion classes for 3 years and Interned at Gary Graham NYC in Tribeca one summer.  He is a Total sweetheart and I have some really great memories from him.  There was Kelli Martin who is a Local Columbus person who I met after her PR, we did Highball together and she hired me to do Knitwear for a collection of hers, also sweet and we still chat here and there.  Terri Stevens also in C-bus now I have done Highball with her twice and I'll leave it there.  I have stories but they are basically her abusing her "fame" on the "not famous" to some of my closer friends.  Also Met Althea this past Highball and she rubbed me the wrong way, hopefully it was just her 5 mins of Fame on the not famous again.  My friend Sheila was in school with Suede.  Steven Rosengard from Season 4 worked at this Historical clothing museum while I was at SAIC and I remember him showing us garments for different projects.   So Far that sums up everyone I have some sort of direct or indirect contact to Project Runway.  Very Strange to look back on all this.  Hopefully I can be there someday......... I hawk the site weekly waiting for the new posting for castings.

Ra' might kill me for this but here is a backstage photo of him and one of our favorite teachers Liat from our Junior year at SAIC.

BACK to the Subject on the CURRENT Project Runway.
I hope there is less crying in the season then there was in the first episode.  Crying on Reality TV makes me nutty.  I mean if you can't get emotional control you have no business in my opinion to be on national TV.  It makes you look like a weak fool.  I'm not saying all crying is like that but over choosing a model?  Over the stress in just the first episode?   Don't these people know what they are getting themselves into?  It isn't like this is a new thing it's season 7 for crying out loud!  Project Runway has been around for years so people should know what to expect as soon as they get on.

I completely agreed with the Winning and Losing choices of Design.  I think that girl who was booted was a bit too cocky.  Having confidence in your work and design is one thing but you have to be humble to the Judges decision.  You must always think of the Judges as your client and the client is always right if you want to succeed.

As for the winner BRAVO!  Taking such a risk with so much handiwork and such a light fabric.  Also going with a simple silhouette was daring but fresh and young which they are always looking towards.

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