Friday, November 05, 2010

Blog the Holiday!

It's amazing to me how much fame fashion bloggers have been getting lately.  In the past half hour I have seen 4 bloggers that I normally read being used in Holiday Campaigns for Fossil and Coach.
Song of Style
Keiko Lynn
Gala Darling

I love how this Coach Promo Video just catches so many of them off their element and you can see they are real people.  They smile, make quirky awkward comments and breath.  It amazes me and makes me happy that Bloggers are getting such recognition.  There are even conferences now for bloggers.  It's been going on for a few years but still it grows and grows.  Blogging is pretty damn near common place it seems. 

What I love about Fashion bloggers is getting to see things from their side and watching them progress in their writing styles, design and tastes.  How each personality has a different opininion or take on a particular season or trends or how they even rebel and make their own trends.  There are a million and one bloggers out there myself included but it is just a great addition of information out there.

Currently my favorite holiday looks and accessories are from BCBG. They are also having a fabulous sale on some items till November 8th for 30% off of a good number of selected Items.  BCBG is one of the very few not so common retail stores that we happen to have at one of our Malls in Columbus.  I love the overabundance and decadence that the holiday trends bring!  Below are my favorite (and there are alot) picks from BCBG

Seriously?! The Hinged long rings are to die for!  Prices are not breaking the bank either considering what BCBG Jewelry usually goes for.  Majority of those Rings are under $100.

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