Wednesday, November 03, 2010

OTD restart

Regretfully I still do not have a new shiny camera....... I'm hoping with the upcoming holidays it might be one of my gifts or at least money towards one.  I'm going to try the "Outfit of the Days" again but broken down since I can't seem to manage to take a proper photo of myself from head to toe.

I wore this Cape into work from VOODOO Denim Lounge

My Pink Baby-G Square face Watch with my Green Ipod Nano gen 5 in tow

Steve Madden Suede leather slouchy Fringe Boots (no I do not normally put my feet up, it is actually uncomfortable with how short my legs are)

Lastly some bling, Rectangular Crystal Ring from Byzantium (RIP) and pearl collar necklace wrapped around as a bracelet from Urban Outfitters.

For the rest of my body I was wearing a turtle neck one piece knit dress in a dark brown.

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