Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favorite Grey Wedges

I Must not forget these shoes.  I found them once at the BCBG outlet in a size 5.  I thought I could find them easily, boy was I wrong.   Don't you hate when you find that most perfect thing and then you didn't buy it for whatever reason.  Then it eats at you.  You start to obsess and pedestal this thing and it evolves and sometimes it turns into something completely different then what you originally saw.  That very nearly happened to me but I was blessed to find them again at another BCBG outlet unfortunately not my size.  Who knew that an outlet item could actually end up being a current trend Item that is still selling for full price at the real store!  I had spent probably 3-4 months searching for these online and I found a close and more expensive doppelganger but not what I was looking for.  The problem was I was only search BCBG and Max Azria but NOT BCBGeneration the lower little sister line of theirs.  I was mistaken since I had seen it on a runway show that it would be on the higher line.

Here she is so I will not forget and I can get her a bit later now at my leisure unless I pick her up at the Outlet first. "BCBGENERATION GRYFFEN PLATFORM WEDGE HEEL"  it comes in black also but like I said I died when I saw the Grey and tried on the perfect little size 5 for my freakishly tiny feet.

The more Expensive Doppelganger from Joe's Jeans called The Lilly

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