Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I should be working more on my pattern for a full length wool winter coat in a victorian style.  I want to enter it into the Burda Contest for a Bernina 3 series sewing machine.  I have the front pattern done but now I am rethinking where to put the peplums.  Originally I just wanted some cute back details but now I am wondering if I should do it over the entire front.  Just stop at the princess lines where I have it overlapping with hopefully double breasted buttons. We shall see.  Also for once I am not trying to force Mutton sleeves onto a design (hee hee).  I am thinking a simple two piece sleeve for this.  Maybe I will have photos later this week to show the pattern.  I estimate 10 exterior pieces and 4 interior lining pieces.

I've made a slew of new kanashi type hair clips and Loop necklaces for the coming "Viewfinder at Junctionview Studios" Show.

But today I am working on something for myself from this book I just got.  Nothing complicated just a little something cute for my desk.

Here's the base for my little crocheted bowl.

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