Monday, November 08, 2010

Makes Scents to me

A little off the beaten path yet still beauty related I've realized that I am death to scents.  Every Single perfume I have fallen in love with has been discontinued or made but uncomfrotably attainable to my laziness or my points card at Sephora.

My first Perfume love was Contradiction by Calvin Klein I wore that my entire High School career.
Which is still findable but there was a period of time when it was difficult and now that it is at Meijier's no thank you!  I honestly couldn't even tell you what it smells like anymore.

In college I was all about smelling like things I wanted to eat so I was obsessed with Demeter's Cinnamon Buns. Which I could easily pick up at Sephora, or Anthropologie.  Then suddenly it was gone from common sight.

Sure there were a few in betweeners such as Curve and Pleasures but they just didn't suit me.  I have my "bitch"  or Business is going down perfume FF by Givency.  But that is much too strong for an every day perfume.

Most recently I was in love with Fiji Flower from Sephora's own exclusive line. Which is so obscure that I can't find a picture.  There was also Le Petit Prince Body splash that was wonderfully light and just a pinch of flower.   Also spend a limited time on the shelves at Sephora.

In between these has been gifts of Burberry and Harajuku Lover's Lil Angel.  Neither of which I have been crazy about.

My latest love has been Masaki Masaki which I of course discovered 2 months before Sephora stopped carrying it.  I didn't even have the forutne of buying a full sized bottle while in stock.  It was a total  fluke purchase to up my free gift or something and it was AMAZING.  I got the little rollerball tester version.

My new found love is TOKYO MILK and I hope they don't disappointment and suddenly disappear out of my convenience range as all the other's have.  I am so thrilled that I can pick it up locally at "On Paper" and the new store next to Basil on High Street.
The scent I have newly chosen for myself is Song in D Minor
I love the super simple bottle and vintage desgins for their graphics.  Even better it is only $20 a pop!  I know the website says $28 so that's probably a larger size then what I saw locally.

Hope you enjoyed my little scents history.  I know if I REALLY wanted to I could find them all but as I said previously I'm a bit lazy when it comes to scents as opposed to shoes, or clothes or makeup.
Has there been a particular perfume that left you hanging?

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